BT 700

Meet Our Founders

From pals to professionals. Surf to software.

Against the starkness of a white wall, two surfboards stand sentinel, their once-gleaming surfaces telling tales of sun-soaked adventures with a patina of salt and sea. A potted palm, green and vibrant, whispers of tropical breezes in the quiet corner it occupies. To their side, a bold flag, emblazoned with the words 'Tennis' flutters in still air, a vibrant splash of red and white proclaiming a passion for the game. Together, they compose a silent ode to leisure and the call of the ocean waves.

Office decor.

A moment of synergy is captured within a bright workspace: two individuals, engrossed in a shared task, are seated opposite each other, their focus manifest in the glow of computer screens. Sunlight bathes the room through ample windows, casting an ethereal glow on the hardwood floors. The casual attire of the occupants suggests a creative and relaxed atmosphere, where ideas are as free-flowing as the daylight that envelops them.

Team brainstorming in new office.

A contemplative figure (Marcello Gortana) finds respite on a sleek couch, his presence adding a human note to the gallery-like serenity of the space. Art adorns the walls, strokes of pink and green in abstract communion, while a record player and a curated selection of vinyls stand by, ready to fill the air with melodies. The room, bathed in soft light, speaks of creative musings and quiet moments caught between the gentle hum of city life beyond its walls.

Immersive VR outing.