Intermediate UXD Consultant

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December 29, 2023


Tennis is looking for a passionate and curious Intermediate User Experience Design (UXD) Consultant to join our growing team.

We are interested in hearing from candidates pursuing user experience design within a startup environment in design and technology. The ideal candidate will have a broad interest in design and strategy and an innate curiosity about how design and technology can create compelling experiences for users and businesses. Candidates should consider themselves builders who are compelled to find efficiencies to collaborate to build new project workflows at Tennis and aspire to be a leader.

Working at Tennis

Tennis has become a trusted partner for organizations looking to innovate their business through technology, communications, and strategy. As a UX Designer at Tennis, your role will be highly collaborative and multifaceted. You will work closely with clients, senior management, and directly with designers and developers to deliver real-world outcomes.

Our team is full of self-starters, builders, and thinkers genuinely curious about technology and design. Our culture is highly collaborative and supportive, where each team member lives and works by the Tennis values.

Our Values

Our values are critical indicators of success in the role and are vital to our hiring process. Please be prepared to discuss how you connect with and exemplify these values.

  • Bias for Action: Taking action is a default state
  • Radical Transparency: Creating safe spaces for open communication
  • Process Driven: A robust process is the foundation of excellence and the roadmap for continuous improvement
  • Always Beta: A growth mindset means we are all a work in progress
  • Good People: We want to work and collaborate with good people
  • Inclusivity: Diverse teams drive positive impact
  • Co-design: We follow a human-centric design process which heavily weighs input from clients and stakeholders

Our Purpose

Empowering humans through holistic user experience design

Our Promise

The Tennis team strives to uphold our promise to both clients and each other. Our promise has three key concepts: Quality, Reliability, and Peace of Mind.


Tennis strives to take action on our diversity and inclusion planning. We hold ourselves accountable for fostering diversity within our company and the industry. We welcome all applicants and wish to foster an environment where you can bring your whole self to the role.

Remote Work

Our office is located in central downtown Toronto. Currently, we operate remotely with the ability to have smaller groups within our team come into the office. We connect in person multiple times monthly, either through team or client events.

  • Able to come into the office when required
  • Capable of attending in-person client meetings when applicable

Job Description

As a Intermediate, you are immersed in the day-to-day, focused on finishing assigned tasks, but looking up to learning. You would be responsible for learning and executing the processes outlined by senior team members. You are working towards understanding the role and the scope and developing ideas.

2.0Work Quality

Delivers top-tier work that satisfies client and company business objectives while fostering a culture of innovation that aligns with Tennis goals.

Leading Projects

  • Leading entry level, and intermediate level projects with little to no guidance from senior or higher.

Product Documentation

  • Product Requirements Document (PRD) writing for entry level to intermediate projects.
  • Functional Specifications Document (FSD) writing for entry level to intermediate projects.

User Interface

  • Intermediate level UI Prototype Phase production for efficiency and quality standards at Tennis. Intermediate level results in medium error rate, medium speed of execution, accuracy to documented specifications, and limited or non-existent involvement of senior level projects and up.

User Experience

  • Intermediate level UX Think Phase production for efficiency and quality standards at Tennis. Intermediate level results in medium error rate, medium speed of execution, accuracy to documented specifications, and limited or non-existent involvement of senior level projects and up.


  • Accountable for completing prototyping and documentation on time for review by senior staff or project manager, or delivered to clients for entry level projects, and intermediate level projects.


  • Maintaining high-standards of performance indicators (Google and NPS) for Quality.

Purposeful and Pragmatic

  • Following Tennis guidelines/standards for executing to business objectives and technical specifications within the scope/time limitations of projects. Deliver what is necessary and avoid over-engineering or design debt. Iterating is a must have for this level. However, less iteration should be required.

Quality Assurance

  • Conduct quality assurance on built products and submit reports to client or partner who conducted the build work.

3.0Subject Matter Expertise

Developing and harnessing comprehensive expertise in our domain, particularly in solution selling, UX/UI, Digital, and Web Technologies to enhance the quality and value of Tennis service offerings.


  • Content inventory, DAKI exercises while beginning to understand how to create appropriate groupings for basic content strategies and IA for entry level and intermediate projects.
  • Product feature mapping under senior guidance and direction for entry level, and intermediate projects.
  • Support on system architecture such as finding documentation or cataloguing existing systems with notes.
  • Able to cite explicit fundamentals rules and examples that ensure a level of validation. Continuing cultivating this knowledge towards a senior level role.
  • Translate and expand on workshop materials into the standard Tennis templates for review and approval by senior and/or director roles.
  • Able to apply, discuss, and understand terminology within our domain (CX/UX/UI). Begin trying to understand the implications of certain feature and design decisions proposed or requested by clients.
  • Begin cultivating familiarity with business, operations, and management terminology.
  • Learning how to design, set up, and deploy surveys and user tests.


The ability to work towards team and company goals in a supporting and nurturing way. Encourage empathy while enriching company knowledge and understanding between peers and partners.


  • Participates and initiates internal feedback requests. Offers intermediate level feedback that begins tying in business and technology requirements.

Workload and Timelines

  • Speaking up about deadlines, bottlenecks, and workload issues that pertains directly to your work.
  • Flagging potential issues on entry level and intermediate projects with budgets. Must be proactive in knowing when a deadline will be missed and should be escalated or resolved on your own.
  • Report to and collaborate with junior, other intermediate, and senior level roles. Reporting will vary based on role. Reports directly to senior, director, and project managers.
  • Directing, attending, or delivering technical hand-offs of entry level, to intermediate projects.

5.0Process Management

The ability to learn Tennis systems and processes and apply your own approach to your prospecting methodology.

Project Workflows

  • Able to follow the HOLO program as dictated by senior and director roles.
  • Attend and support the delivery of HOLO workshops. Deliver HOLO workshops for entry level, and intermediate projects.
  • Flagging possible out of scope issues to senior, director, or project manager roles.
  • Offer insights on project workflow and review workflow with senior or project manager to ensure the workflow makes sense with timing, pacing, and capacity.
  • Beginning to augment the process while still offering feedback about how the process may be improved.
  • Attending and delivering client kick-off meetings for entry level and intermediate projects.


  • Maintaining high-standards of performance indicators (Google and NPS) for Reliability.

Reporting and Tracking

  • Keeps project boards and timelines up-to-date with important notes. Ensuring weekly notes are added by end of the week.
  • Delivering recorded presentations via Loom when necessary. This will be an evolving process that relates to the Tennis approach to decentralize and implement asynchronous delivery of work.
  • Reporting on available capacity.

6.0Client Care

The ability to show empathy and put the client's interests first. Understand the client's needs and can give/receive feedback and solutions.


  • Maintaining high-standards of performance indicators (Google and NPS) for Peace of Mind.
  • Triggers escalations and directs senior, director, and/or project managers to the issue. It is not your responsibility to solve the issue.
  • Initiating, running, and planning meetings for entry level to intermediate level projects. Bring in the required level of staff for the type of meeting and ensure you are cognizant of and respectful of your peers' time and the client time.

Communication and Meetings

  • Must be able to initiate ad hoc calls and meetings with partners, clients, and internal stakeholders when applicable for entry level, and intermediate projects. Calls can be impromptu phone calls depending on the severity of the situation.

Client Relationships

  • Establish a rapport with clients and begin building relationships beyond the work. Simple gestures such as sending articles that you think a client would benefit from goes a long way.

7.0Business Development

The ability to meet individual and company financial goals. Find, scope, and secure new project work and revenue, as well as foster new business with current and past clients.

Proposals and Presentations

  • Assist with creating draft estimates for entry level, intermediate, and senior level projects as required. Estimates are just used to inform official proposals. You will also be required to assist in creating proposal and presentation assets and/or copy for other sales materials.


  • Estimating Change Requests (CR) for entry level to intermediate projects to be used by senior or directors to create official CR documents.


  • Training on and gaining experience in recognizing opportunities and escalating the opportunity to senior or director.


  • Participation in content creation and ideas that relate to the business goals, KPIs, and the Tennis long term vision. You may be required to be on recordings or write some basic content for these marketing initiatives.


The ability to meet activity metrics and goals. Focused outreach, strategy, emails, phone calls, identifying opportunities, and learning. We intend to coach along the entire learning path and help bridge that gap between BDR levels 1 and 2 at the 12-month mark.


  • Intermediate skills with Figma, and Figma workflows
  • Intermediate level skills with Miro
  • Core skills with spreadsheets, charting, and formulas
  • Experience with Maze or other user testing tools and techniques

Nice to have:

  • Functional French speaking ability
4 Weeks
Health and Dental
Start Date
January 29, 2024
Required Experience
none needed
2–4 Years

9.0Ready to Apply?

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