CITT Canada's Logistics Association

Innovating One of North America's Largest Logistics Association

1.0Project Summary

CITT (Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation) is one of North America’s leading professional development hub in logistics and transportation.

1.1 The Client

CITT is a member-based association which is committed to advancing the industry by providing certification (CCLP - CITT-Certified Logistics Professional), extensive training, and networking opportunities. CITT is a vital connector among industry professionals, businesses, and educational institutions, facilitating collaboration and fostering a community of practice and learning across the logistics sector.

1.2 Critical Issue

CITT's website was in dire need of an overhaul. User engagement was suffering due to poor site navigation and disorganized content. The marketing team found the existing Content Management System (CMS) inflexible, hindering their operations and necessitating constant support from technical staff and an external vendor. This update was critical as it coincided with a strategic shift to expand networking opportunities beyond their traditional certification and education programs.


CITT aimed to transition from focusing solely on membership and certifications to becoming a hub for networking, recognizing industry schools, and fostering connections between businesses and educational institutions.

2.1 Vision

The website redesign was intended to counter existing challenges by increasing user engagement through improved navigation and content organization. A new enterprise CMS was implemented to enable the marketing team to execute their strategy with greater flexibility, increasing efficiency and lowering management costs. This strategic shift was designed to empower the marketing team to drive engagement and streamline operations.

3.0We Provided

Client Testimonial
"I encourage anyone to consider working with Tennis. Their strategic insight and understanding of our goals brought immense value, transforming our vision into a practical, engaging website. The collaboration was highly professional, responsive, and adaptive to our needs, ensuring our satisfaction at every step."