Improving User Experience for a Micro Mobility App

1.0Project Summary

Over 25% of the world's population live in cities with 1M+ inhabitants. The micromobility industry helps solve mobility challenges globally and is expected to become a $300bn to $500 bn market by 2030.

1.1 The Client

Joyride initially launched in 2014 as a bike share management system and has since evolved into the worlds leading micromobility platform operating in 200 global markets.

1.2 Critical Issue

As a result of being first movers into this industry Joyride reached a moment in their trajectory where they realized that they had been designing and building without a substantial focus on how the industry might grow and change. They continued to add more features but missed some changes that were important to customers like the onboarding experience. The team was also spending a lot of resources on items that could have been automated as part of the process.


This project was an important first step in increasing the customer user experience by finding day-to-day tasks their customers face and finding ways to automate them so their customers and operators can focus on running their businesses.

2.1 Vision

The vision was to create a seamless and easy experience for onboarding new customers that would also increase the Joyride Teams efficiency.

3.0We Provided

Client Testimonial
“Your team got us to thinking differently which helped to create new standards. You also helped us move at a speed we wouldn't have been able to if we did this in house.”