Driving Commercial Value From Data

1.0Project Summary

The housing market in Canada is of enormous importance to the national economy. Lenders, investors, and developers need relevant insights into this market and land registry data for risk analysis. The data is vast and requires data scientists to shape a meaningful narrative around the data.

1.1 The Client

Teranet is a Canadian company that owns and operates the land registry in Ontario. They collect and manage land title data and use the data to create products and services for legal, real estate, lending, and mortgage broker businesses.

1.2 Critical Issue

Teranet has the best and most authoritative land registry data in Canada. Teranet used this data to create quarterly data insight reports that did not meet their engagement objectives. The challenge with these reports is that they needed actionable analytics and were costly.


The generated reports for this specific data type were static and lacked any actionable analytics or insights. In addition to this, they were costly to produce and required time and specialized resources.

2.1 Vision

Teranet needed to drive deeper engagement and insights from these reports to continue to deliver the quality they were known for. By leveraging digital transformation, the vision was to create a platform that could increase interactivity while building the tools and flexibility Teranet needed to use the data for engagement while lowering cost.

3.0We Provided

Client Testimonial
"I was impressed with how excited Tennis got about our data. They clearly understood what we were trying to do. After the first meeting, working with Tennis would take our program to the next level. They have the expertise and experience to help us use our data to make better decisions and generate revenue for our company. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a digital partner."