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Partnering in healthcare to support marketing, patient journey, and operations

We wouldn’t be able to accomplish the designs or products we had in mind, which is why we had to come out of the system to Tennis to provide the engine needed to fully utilize certain services.

Client Profile

SickKids Hospital is the largest paediatric academic health sciences centre in Canada, with the largest paediatric research tower in the world.

Overview of some digital and web application SickKids projects.

We have been closely supporting the hospital’s innovation and marketing strategies over years, using our HOLO methodology for initiatives ranging from marketing sites, donor focused websites, design support for campaigns, and patient journey applications with a range of objectives.

Mobile overview of the SickKids Orthopaedic website.

SickKids Orthopaedic Fellowship website. Designed to increase efficiency for admin during the fellowship application process.

Projects with SickKids to date

  • Five Annual Reports
  • Ophthalmology referral tool prototype
  • Surgical consent and information prototype
  • Orthopaedic Department Websites

The SickKids Ophthalmology Research Report. Designed to support a fundraising and awareness campaign.

Detail of the Ophthalmology Research Report showing a provincial initiative.

Detail from the report showing the various materials used in print production to create a compelling piece.

As technology continues to evolve and increase in flexibility there is a wide range of applications in healthcare that directly impact performance of hospitals and increase quality of experience.

Our ability to support organizations, quickly, iterate, revise, and deploy means the hospital can innovate more often and launch websites and web applications fast while also getting the crucial user feedback needed in testing to commit to a national launch or not.

Projects like division marketing sites which also help solve functional efficiencies in workflow issues help shave down admin time on functions that were manual and could be built into the back end of a marketing site.

In addition to this we have worked on web based patient journey apps to help facilitate efficiency in the patient journey. We created a consent app that helped save 1hr per surgery of time that surgeons would be spending on facilitating consent sign off for surgery.

We have also developed patient facing streamlining applications that help direct the right cases to sickkids hospital versus other practitioner locations based on a user interaction platform that patients could enter symptoms and be directed to the closest location appropriate for the issue in question.

Technology, and our process aids in the agile deployment of web based solutions for marketing and process efficiency challenges the hospital and organizations in healthcare face.

Detail shot showing one slide of the SickKids surgical consent tool.

Overview showing mobile screens of the SickKids surgical consent tool.

Detail shot of the fracture type screen.

Demonstration of the responsive approach to design and development allowing the tool to render well on all devices.

Our ability to support organizations, quickly, iterate, revise, and deploy means the hospital can innovate more often and launch websites and web applications fast
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