Staples Promotional Products

Driving Revenue Growth Through Deeper Customer Experiences

The Tennis team has been nothing short of great partners. They have helped us to push the boundaries of our ideas and have worked with us to make some exciting projects come to life in ways we didn’t know were possible. We feel like they are a part of our team.

Client Profile

Staples Promotional Products is a full scale promotional merchandise agency/division of Staples. They are a global leader in the promotional merchandise market, and highest ranking distributor on the North American top 40 list. They design solutions that create meaningful connections between some of the best known brands in the world and their target audiences.

In recent years emerging technology has enabled a lot of online, digital first business models. The market is seeing more entrants from digital-first businesses shifting into promotional products.

Overview of the desktop version of the Staples Seasonal Catalogue.

Staples is an organization that has always had a strong customer focus. Innovating their business model and support to their clients with a constant focus on improvement and a holistic view of customer experience across the org.
Over the years we have become an important part of the puzzle supporting Staples innovation and customer experience strategies across a wide range of services including strategy, design, development, and experiential.

Our partnership with staples has spanned many functions across the organization from marketing to sales. We have worked with senior leadership to help strategize, design, and build customer experiences that range from marketing websites, digital conference experiences, customer facing platforms to internal applications that enable sales and marketing.

Responsive layout for the Staples seasonal catalogue.

Overview of the mobile layouts of the Staples Seasonal Catalogue.

As technology evolves business leaders are being forced to become innovators and technologists, making foundational design, technology, user experience, and customer experience decisions daily.

Staples Promotional Products is an organization we have partnered up with over the years and, using our HOLO methodology have helped to shift marketing from a cost function to a revenue generator.

Multiple screen styles for maximum flexibility in layout.

Detail shot of an exploratory digital layout for Staples Promotional Products.

Overview of a digital project for Staples Promotional Products.

Projects with Staples to date

  • Custom Sales Enablement App
  • Catalogue Digitization Project
  • Conference Digital wall installation
  • VR gallery experience
  • Modular Pop Up Shop Design
  • Stakeholder Research and Consulting
  • Strategic Content Development

Closeup of the interactive water bottles.

Book wall that revealed a message as more books were removed from the wall.

The Canadian promo marketing industry is an approximately 2 billion dollar industry growing by about 2.3% annually. There are approximately 4,500 businesses nationally.

As technology shapes consumer behaviour SPP is constantly innovating customer and brand experience along with sales and marketing enablement.

SPP was one of the first organizations to create a seasonal based collection catalogue for their client base along with finding internal objectives to help move them towards a more digitally enabled org.

Rendering of the Pop Shop system.

Environment shot showing space and products.

Detail shot of promotional products available throughout the activation.

We knew we wanted to push the experience even beyond ecommerce product shopping experiences.

Our collaborations have helped SPP in the following ways.

Optimize Budget

Partial view of the first Staples Pop Up Shop launched.

Tennis always make things happen I didn’t realize were possible. They are true partners in helping deliver the best experience.
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