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The Challenge

A map of Southern Ontario with a large 800km cycling route drawn onto the surface.

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Fundraising Goal


The Cause

Who are we doing this challenge for?

Spirit North is a national charity that uses land-based sports to empower Indigenous youth, enhancing their well-being and helping them excel in sport, school, and community life.

How they work

Partnering with schools and communities, the organization fosters confidence and connection to heritage, with programs that improve physical, mental, and community health. The initiative's success is seen in participants who become community leaders and achieve academic success.

A group of Indigenous people stand in harmony, their faces illuminated by a shared passion and cultural pride. Amidst a snowy landscape, they beat on traditional drums, their rhythms resonating through the crisp air. Their expressions range from serene concentration to joyous elation, reflecting a deep connection to their heritage and community. Encircled by tall evergreens and rustic wooden cabins, they create a powerful tableau of unity, tradition, and the timeless spirit of their ancestors.

Office decor.

A young boy, wrapped in a vibrant winter jacket, dashes through the snowy landscape, his smile wide with pure joy. In one hand, he clutches a pair of gloves, waving them playfully as he runs. Behind him, an adult, equally bundled up, follows with a beaming smile, sharing in the moment of carefree happiness. Tall, snow-dusted evergreens frame the scene, adding a serene, natural backdrop to this lively winter adventure, where laughter and the thrill of the cold air create memories to cherish.

Team brainstorming in new office.

A young boy, helmet secured and determination in his eyes, performs a daring wheelie on his bike along a dirt path. His front wheel lifts high off the ground, capturing a moment of balance and control. The lush greenery of the surrounding fields and the towering trees in the background provide a tranquil contrast to his energetic stunt. The distant houses add a touch of homeliness to this adventurous scene, where nature and youthful exuberance collide in a thrilling display of skill and freedom.

Immersive VR outing.

Of Teachers Report
That Spirit North had a positive impact on their students.
Community Members
Have undertaken Spirit North's coaching and leadership training programs.
Of Students
Report that Spirit North activities made them feel better or excellent.

How does Spirit North change lives?

More About Spirit North
More About Spirit North
The Team

The riders taking on this challenge

Marcello Gortana

I'm thrilled to partner with an organization like Spirit North, which is taking an innovative approach to youth mental health through land-based activities and sports. I'm excited to support Spirit North's programming while raising awareness about the organization.

Symon Oliver

I'm grateful that I grew up with easy access to the outdoors and the opportunity to participate in land-based activities. This access and these programs were essential in shaping who I am today. I am excited to raise money for Spirit North to continue their support of Indigenous youth through land-based activities.

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