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Every generation has their crisis and in these uncertain times, it looks like we are dealing with ours. We will get through this. In the meantime, we are also faced with one of the most creative times of our generation; there is creativity happening all around us. For as long as it takes to deal with these challenges Tennis will be interviewing professionals from different industries and positions to chat about what they're experiencing, what opportunities they see, and what's the new normal. Through this, we hope to inspire strategic thought and creativity through this uncertain time.

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Episode Guide

Episode 1: Greg Dixon

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What happens when the industry that your 15-year-old company operates in disappears overnight? Greg Dixon is leading Sentient HR through an unprecedented time brought on by COVID-19. For more about who Tennis is and transcripts of individual talks please visit

Episode 2: Paul Lockhard

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Paul Lockhard, President and CEO of Colour a creative digital agency, talks to us about how the effects of COVID-19 are pushing organizations to get more creative and innovative. We also discuss an interesting framework he developed for organizations to view some of their challenges and strategies.

Episode 3: Steve Pons & Jen Roney

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This week we interviewed Steve Pons, Managing Director and Jen Roney, Senior Manager Brand and Creative Strategy at Staples Promotional Products. We touched on consumer behaviour, demand vacuums, and the shifting demand of skills required to manage remote teams.

Episode 4: Mark Garner

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This week we interviewed Mark Garner, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director at Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area (DYBIA).

Great conversation about how social distancing is reshaping the way we think about conventional retail and how organizations like BIA's are going to need to evolve and support businesses of the future.

Episode 5: Martin Williams

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This week we interviewed Martin Williams, Co-founder of a food innovation company called Recipe For Tmrw.

We explore how at times like these, simply having a great product is not enough if your operational strategies are weak, and customers can’t access or engage. We also talk about the future of supply chains, and the pitfalls of Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing during a global pandemic.

Episode 6: Robert Bolton

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Last week I spoke with Robert Bolton a foresight strategist at From Later.

If "new normal" is short term, what are the potential long term changes we might see. We spent a lot of time exploring what the potential future of events may look like.

Episode 7: Tatiana Soldatova

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In our most recent episode we speak with Tatiana Soldatova, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Syllable, an architecture and interior design company.

We talked about how the interior design industry has been affected and how physical distancing may change how we think about designing workspaces.

Episode 8: Shane Saunderson

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We have 3 episodes left in our survive and thrive series before we end the series and archive it as a moment in time that we all experienced together.

In this episode we speak with Shane Saunderson, co-founder of AI startup Babbly and currently researching human robotic interactions during his PhD.

We had a super interesting conversation about the evolution of robotics spurred by what we are currently experiencing through physical distancing.

Episode 9: Emma Quinn

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Really interesting discussion with Emma Quin the Executive Director of The Textile Museum of Canada.

We spoke about what reopening looks like in the cultural sector along with the challenges and opportunities organizations like The Textile Museum are seeing in their future.

Episode 10: Nick Hobson

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This week we wrap up our series with Nick Hobson, Ph.D. Chief Behavioural Scientist at The Behaviorist. In this episode, we talk with Nick about the origin of behavioural insights teams in government; and how the pandemic has pushed behavioural science back into the “lab of real-life.”

This is our final episode in the series, and we are going to begin exploring some new themes moving forward. It has been an incredible experience, thanks for listening!

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